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Rotary Kiln

Rotary Kiln
    Rotary Kilns are commonly used for heat processing of minerals and aggregates such as lime, cement, and iron ore. To achieve consistent quality results, it is important to maintain a uniform product temperature at the kiln entry, mid zone, and discharge. In most rotary kilns, the challenge with temperature process control is that the temperature sensor must view through flames or heavy smoke and dust. Consequently, when selecting a sensor, the design, wavelength, and alignment are all important considerations.
    Our high-performance dual-wavelength sensors offer unequalled performance for accurate and repeatable measurements on kiln applications. These sensors can operate properly when the target energy signal is diluted over 99% by such things as dust and smoke. To effectively measure targets through flames, the 1400 and 4400 Series are recommended. These single-wavelength sensors utilize a very narrow band 3.8 micron filter that provides unequalled performance with measurements through flames.
    Common process measurements include:
    Hot Clinker Detection
    Product Discharge Temperature
    Product Entry Temperature
    Mid-Zone Temperature
    Combustion Gas Temperature
    Kiln Shell Hot Spot Detection